About me

Ok first things first, it has to be said, no two ways about it, I LOVE what I do!!!

In the sea of newborn photographers and wedding photographers that are out there, how do you choose the one thats for you ? To me its the one that you feel, thinks on the same wavelength as you and has the same values as you. So you need to know a bit about me for you to be able to make that decision.

I have been a full time photographer for 8 years now. All my photographs from way back when (ahem 20 years plus ago).... have always had people in them. I HATE getting my own photo taken so thats why I always went every where with my camera with me to make sure I was behind it and not in front of it ! Thats how I started and it just progressed from there. I also studied photography at night, which gave me the technical grounding. 

8 years ago now I gave up my steady 9-5 jpb, just as the recession was really starting to kick in, to do photography full time. My son was just a year old and I wanted a way to be able to look after him myself but still work too. So I thought working for myself meant that I could choose my own hours and spend more time with him. Hee hee, the innocence ! 

Now I am a Mum of two, Jack is 9 and Eleanor is 6 going on 26 ;) I shoot newborns in the morning while they are in school and I do all my editing and admin when they are in bed at night and every other minute I can squeeze in during the day. I have two doggies, both rescues Finn who is an oul lad now and is 12 and Missey who we think is about 5. The latter came bearing the gift of 5 puppies hidden in her tummy so that made for an interesting few months ! Besides that I shoot a limited number of weddings per year, usually about 10. When I shoot your wedding I want it to be something that I am not churning out, its very personal and I want to be able to dedicate myself to that for the time it needs, hence the limited number per year. I also forgot to mention I have one lovely hubbie as well, we are together since we were in school (aaahhhh cute !). We got married 11 years ago in Dingle Co Kerry in the fab Skelligs Hotel with pics on Ventry beach. Ah to be young and carefree again .....

So me and photographing your wedding, well as I said I only shoot a limited number of weddings and I shoot them as if I was shooting my own. I love to get to know you both and the people who are going to be part of your day. Whats important to you and how you imagine your photos will be when you are looking back on them in years to come. During the morning prep I am there to document whats happening, I try not get too involved so that people get used to me being around with my two big black cameras ! Incognito not ;) I will capture the emotions of the day, peoples reactions, people having a good time. The people who are there are the people who you care most about in the world so I will document how they enjoy your day too. We will do a short family pics session and a short couples pics session but they are short ! So if you want lots and lots of posey images, I am not the photographer for you. I am the photographer for you if you imagine your wedding images as a record of the genuine moments of the day, the laughter, the tears and everything in between ! A timeline of your day from start to finish. By the way the pic of me wearing heels shooting a wedding only happened once a long long time ago, I learnt my lesson that day !!

Me as your Newborn Photographer.... I LOVE babies !! Give me your babies !!! I realise that sounds a bit full on but honestly I do LOVE babies. To be a newborn photographer you have to love babies, because if you didn't they'd know and definitely would not play ball. I enjoy every little bit of them and thats what I want to capture for you. They grow so so quick, honestly it happens so fast and I want to have beautiful images for you to remember this time by. I do get covered in pee and poo quiet regularly, its a hazard of the job, but it always bothers you more than me ! Every baby that comes through my doors is different and special in their own way and after photographing close to 600 newborns now I can tell you for definite no two are the same ;)

On a more personal note this is my lovely little family captured by the fab Lisa Poshni Photography all the way from Ontario, Canada on a recent visit to my studio to hold our second Newborn Photography Workshop. I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, watching movies, even if there is a high chance I'll fall asleep during it. I love spending time with my family and cheering on my kiddos at whatever they are at. 

I am a member of - 

Irish Association of Professional Photographers and Videographers - LIPPA

The Internationl Newborn Photographer Association

So if all the above resonates with you and you would like to chat to me about shooting your wedding or photographing your new bundle of joy to be give me a shout !!