The beginnings....

So this all will typically start with you finding my website and taking a look through my gallery of images and deciding that my work fits in with what you had in mind for your Newborn Session.

Then you take a look through my Pricing and Packages .

After that if you fill out my contact form we can chat about your session and I can give you an idea on my availability, which we will normally set for as close as possible to 10 days after your due date.

Once we have had that chat then you fill out my booking form and pay your deposit.

Then as soon as possible after baby arrives if you pop me a message, even a text is fine, we can confirm if that date is still suitable or if we need to move it to get the shoot in before 14 days old. 


The shoot....

All Newborn Sessions take place in my studio when they baby is between 8 & 14 days old, where at all possible. The earlier we can do the session the better, when they are still lovely and curly and sleepy. Those little features change all too fast and we need to catch them before they are gone.

A Newborn Session takes between 2 & 3 hours. I only book one newborn session per day so that there is no time pressure on us. We take as many feeding, changing, burping, snuggling breaks as needed.

I have two main types of session, a Traditional Session or a Lifestyle Studio Session.

For a Classic Newborn Session I will normally begin the session with the beanbag/blanket shots. This runs for about three quarters of the session. The rest of the session will be the prop shots, in the buckets, boxes, baskets, Parent Shots, Sibling Shots etc.

For a Lifestyle Studio Newborn Session the atmosphere is totaly relaxed with very little formal posing.

If you would like to do Parent / Family or sibling shots, I would be happy to do that. The only thing to be mindful of is that my studio is small so we may not be able to keep the newborn asleep with a toddler in the room aswell. We can discuss this though upon booking. Most families opt to bring the sibling/s for either the start of the session or the end of the session.

I keep the studio at a toasty temperature, around 25 degrees. This ensures the newborn is comfortable as most of the session is conducted with them in the nude. It also aids the sleep process.

And speaking of sleep I also have a heart beat / hair dryer white noise sound playing as this calms and soothes the Newborn, they are used to hearing Mummies heart beat so it really helps settle them. If your baby takes a soother please make sure to bring it along as this also really helps settle them.

Every effort is made to get a wide range of poses during each session, however all babies are different. Some have a dislike to certain positions so we will move on straight away to the next. Like us too all babies have off days as well so on the rarest of occasions they may have an off day, if this does happen during your shoot we can discuss our options at that stage. Awake, calm babies make for the most amazing shots so please do not worry if your baby refuses to sleep we will still get beautiful images.

I have all the accessories we need for the shoot here, the hats, wraps, blankets etc. By all means though if there is an item that is of special meaning to you or your family please let me know and bring that along so that we can incorporate it into the shoot.

The only thing you need to bring with you is plenty of food for the baby as they tend to drink a bit extra. Also its best if we can feed them at the start of the session so that we can get them into a sound sleep from the start. A very important thing is to bring them dressed in something that is easy to take off so that we will disturb them as little as possible as we are undressing them for the shoot.


I aim to have a sneak peek available for you to see on my Facebook page the same day as your shoot. This will allow you to see how well the shoot went. Please feel free to use this image to share the announcment of your babies arrival.

Then your online gallery from which you can view your images from the comfort of your own home will be available to you as per your Online Viewing Appointment. This gallery will be live for 1 week to allow you to choose the images that you would like. I understand how busy life is right after your babies arrival so I have designed this 'Online Appointment' to save you guys having to come back to the studio again. 

At this stage if you wish to upgrade your package we can arrange that. Once you have placed your order any digital items will be delivered to you straight away via email. Any printed products have a 4-6 week lead time depending on what you order. Also depending on what you order it may need to be collected from the studio, small items I can post out to you.

What if my baby has arrived already.....

Ok so don't panic yet. Due to the nature of what I do funny enough my scheduled appointments don't always go, well to schedule. Babies will arrive when they are good and ready and not pay much heed to our arrangements :) So this does mean that from time to time I have late availability. If your baby has arrived already please contact me and I can see if I can fit you in. If they are between 3 weeks 3 months old-ish a Lifestyle Studio Session would suit perfectly, click here for more info .

I very much look forward to welcoming you and your new little one to my studio. Click here to view my Packages and Pricing

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