Types of Newborn Session

Traditional Newborn Session

A traditional newborn session is filled with colour, props and traditional newborn posing. I have a large selection of hats, wraps, blankets, headbands, baskets and buckets etc here in my studio. You can of course bring any items that mean something in particluar to you aswell. People have brought all sorts so hit me with any that you may think appropriate and I'll do my best to incorporate them into our shoot.

Siblings can be included in this shoot. We need to discuss this beforehand as the session itself is about 2 hours long so the sibling needs to be brought for either the start or the end of the session. Parent shots can also be included if requested.

A sample gallery from a Traditional Session.

Simply Natural Newborn Session

A Simply Natural Newborn Session, is just that, simple and natural. Colours are kept to a very neutral pallette. The baby itself is the 'prop' :). It is for all intensive purposes a 'unplugged session'. 

This session will concentrate on those things that change all too quickly, the little ears, the wrinkly feet, the peeling skin, the curly fingers, the back rolls, the soft hair. It will capture these little features for you forever. 

The baby will not be ‘posed’ as it were, but placed in such a way as to capture their natural gait. There is nothing as peaceful as a sleeping newborn with their hands stretched above their heads, snoring away :)

There will be accents of pink and blue introduced to each session where appropriate. There will also be much greater use of black and white alongside the colour images.

No two Simple Natural Newborn Sessions will be the same as I will not be working to a plan. We will go with the mood of the baby on the day. Parent shots may also be included in this session and any requirements for sibling shots are to be discussed at the time of booking.