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  • 'Older Newborn' Sessions...... Oldborns......

    So I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I get lots of queries from parents of newborns, who are past the photography newborn stage, ie 14 days old. I always feel so bad telling them that their brand new baby is too old to have a session done !! With this in mind I have come up with a session that is suitable up until the 6/8 week old stage. After that time it is definitely worth the wait until the Tummy Time Session.

    Of course it is possible to photograph older newborns, we just jave to tweak our approach and our expectations !

    Here are the details peeps :)

  • The Before and After - A Newborn Experience ....

    So its been a while since I blogged a Newborn Session and seens todays little man I had also met as a bump, I thought this was a great opportunity to do one.

    My Bump et Bébe Package captures the before and after as it were of your lovely bump and then your newborn. People choose this package for different reasons, it may be your first pregnancy and you want to capture that or for that matter your last and you want lovely images of your bump to keep. The bump session is always considerably shorter than the newborn session, for obvious reasons. It normally last between 3/4 of an hour and an hour. We can have as many changes of outfit as you like. I have lovely maternity gowns here and you can of course bring some of your own outfits too. This package results in lovely before and after images.

    A newborn session can last anything from 2 to 3 hours. We normally need to take plenty of feeding, burping and cuddling breaks. I will only ever do one newborn session a day so that there is no time pressure on us. I’m also knackered by the end of it too lol !

    A newborn session will start with a baby with a full tummy, in my really toasty warm studio with a constant white noise on in the background. Once the baby is between 8 & 14 days old nine times out of ten this recipe ensures a very sleepy newbie. The session will begin with blanket and fur poses. Normally two or three colour changes and a variety of hats and tiebacks (for the girlies), depending on how settled the baby is. If a baby is a light sleeper it may be necessary to stick with the one colour and not disturb them by changing blanket, but this is a rare enough occurrence.

    I will then move on to the family shots. Sometimes parents request not to do these but I will always ask are they sure. You may not want to put them on the mantlepiece but it is always lovely for the baby to look back on them when they are older to see you guys together when they were so new. Its a lovely way of detailing the closeness between parent and child, some of my favourite shots ever come from this part of the session and I have been know to shed a tear or two behind the camera myself !!

    The tiny details, the little toes, the pink pursed lips, the cute run of their hairline, the eyelashes, I could go on and on ! All these things change so so fast so it is definitely important to get as many shots of these as we can.

    And then, baby still being content and happy I end the session with some prop shots. This may be a basket, bucket, box or something that you have brought along yourself. Todays little man was wonderful and went through all the stages fast asleep. I got a two second glimpse of his lovely little eyes during the whole two hours. Huge congrats to his Mum and Dad !!

  • Introducing Simply Natural Newborn Sessions……

    Its been a long, long time since I have written a blog based on the newborn side of things.

    I have been mulling over a different style of session for a good while now, in repsonse to a few requests from some clients for a session with no props, hats, baskets etc, a kind of ‘unplugged’ session if you will. Well the clue is in the title, here I am introducing “Simply Natural Newborn Sessions’ to Linda Clarke Photography.

    I am so excited about this option. Free from the traditional poses it gives me such freedom to shoot :) When I look at the main types of Newborn images that I am attracted too myself they are clean, simple and uncluttered. The baby itself is the ‘prop’. 

    This session will concentrate on those things that change all too quickly, the little ears, the wrinkly feet, the peeling skin, the curly fingers, the back rolls, the soft hair. It will capture these little features for you forever. 

    While the baby will still be ‘posed’ as it were, but it will be in such a way as to capture their natural gait. There is nothing as peaceful as a sleeping newborn with their hands stretched above their heads, snoring away :)

    The colours, textures and fabrics that will be used during this session will all be natural in tone, whites, beiges etc. There will be accents of pink and blue introduced to each session where appropriate. There will also be much greater use of black and white alongside the colour images.

    No two Simple Natural Newborn Sessions will be the same as I will not be working to a plan. We will go with the mood of the baby on the day. Parent shots may also be included in this session and any requirements for sibling shots qre to be discussed at the time of booking.

    This is a fine art option and for a limited time only this session style will be available for you to choose at the same price as my normal sessions. I am so so looking forward to welcoming lots of Simply Natural Newbies to the studio :)

    Linda x