• Awake Newborn Session

    A gorgeous wee man, awake for his whole session, but it didn't matter a bit. He was as calm as you like and gave me such lovely eye contact shots. In my book they are some of my favourite ones :)

  • 'Older Newborn' Sessions...... Oldborns......

    So I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I get lots of queries from parents of newborns, who are past the photography newborn stage, ie 14 days old. I always feel so bad telling them that their brand new baby is too old to have a session done !! With this in mind I have come up with a session that is suitable up until the 6/8 week old stage. After that time it is definitely worth the wait until the Tummy Time Session.

    Of course it is possible to photograph older newborns, we just jave to tweak our approach and our expectations !

    Here are the details peeps :)

  • The Before and After - A Newborn Experience ....

    So its been a while since I blogged a Newborn Session and seens todays little man I had also met as a bump, I thought this was a great opportunity to do one.

    My Bump et Bébe Package captures the before and after as it were of your lovely bump and then your newborn. People choose this package for different reasons, it may be your first pregnancy and you want to capture that or for that matter your last and you want lovely images of your bump to keep. The bump session is always considerably shorter than the newborn session, for obvious reasons. It normally last between 3/4 of an hour and an hour. We can have as many changes of outfit as you like. I have lovely maternity gowns here and you can of course bring some of your own outfits too. This package results in lovely before and after images.

    A newborn session can last anything from 2 to 3 hours. We normally need to take plenty of feeding, burping and cuddling breaks. I will only ever do one newborn session a day so that there is no time pressure on us. I’m also knackered by the end of it too lol !

    A newborn session will start with a baby with a full tummy, in my really toasty warm studio with a constant white noise on in the background. Once the baby is between 8 & 14 days old nine times out of ten this recipe ensures a very sleepy newbie. The session will begin with blanket and fur poses. Normally two or three colour changes and a variety of hats and tiebacks (for the girlies), depending on how settled the baby is. If a baby is a light sleeper it may be necessary to stick with the one colour and not disturb them by changing blanket, but this is a rare enough occurrence.

    I will then move on to the family shots. Sometimes parents request not to do these but I will always ask are they sure. You may not want to put them on the mantlepiece but it is always lovely for the baby to look back on them when they are older to see you guys together when they were so new. Its a lovely way of detailing the closeness between parent and child, some of my favourite shots ever come from this part of the session and I have been know to shed a tear or two behind the camera myself !!

    The tiny details, the little toes, the pink pursed lips, the cute run of their hairline, the eyelashes, I could go on and on ! All these things change so so fast so it is definitely important to get as many shots of these as we can.

    And then, baby still being content and happy I end the session with some prop shots. This may be a basket, bucket, box or something that you have brought along yourself. Todays little man was wonderful and went through all the stages fast asleep. I got a two second glimpse of his lovely little eyes during the whole two hours. Huge congrats to his Mum and Dad !!

  • Introducing....Generations Sessions.....

    This morning I had the absolute pleasure and the wonderful opportunity to photograph four generations of ladies from the one family. It was so lovely to meet them and spend an hour in their company. It was definitely an honour to photograph them together !!

    So that brings me on to the main point of this blog post, I would like to introduce a new package, the Generations Package :) Whether you have three generations or lucky enough to have four, whether its all girls, all boys or a mix. This shoot is designed to capture that connection between the generations in your family and have it recorded forever more. I must do it with my own Mam, Nana and Daughter !!

    During the hour long session I will capture some individual portraits of any children involved. Thats just becasue they are too cute for me to resist not taking a few snaps of them lol !

    I will also do a few different set ups of the different relationships as well.

    Your package will include:

    A one hour session in the studio or we can arrange an outdoor location shoot

    The creative post processing of approximately 40 images presented via an online gallery

    20 high resolution Images delivered via download

    One 20*16 Spectrum Framed Print of the main generations image

    Two 8*6 matching Spectrum Framed Desk prints

    Contact me today to book your Generations Session !!

    E-mail: linda@lindaclarkephotography.ie

    Tel: 085-7168543


  • The Wedding of Sarah Jane & Brian 2nd of August 2014.....

    So I decided this morning that rather than doing one of my traditional sneak peeks for Sarah Jane and Brian that I would do a blog post as I cannot decide which ones to put up as their sneak peeks !!!

    The morning of the wedding arrived with the sound of rain beating against my bedroom window, not an ideal start, but thats life in Ireland for you in August lol !!

    I headed over to Sarah Janes to capture some of the Bridal Prep and was greeted with a beaming smile from the lovely Bride through her front window. Thoughts of the weather went out of my head then, it was shaping up to be a fab day whatever the weather :) And what a scene of ogranisation and calmness. The girlies were all ready, and enjoying their morning. 

    After that I did something I don't usually do, I left the Bride !! Eeeeeeeekkk !! Off to the Grooms house for a few quick portraits, at the couples request. It worked out well as it as such a short distance away and lovely to see both parties enjoying their last morning of 'singleness' :)

    Back to the Brides house then to start one of the main events of the day, putting on the dress. I love this bit, its a really special moment and I love being there to see how good they feel once its on and all is right. Yesterday was no exception, the dress was fabulous on and suited Sarah Jane to perfection !!

    It was time to head to the Church, Sruleen Parish Church in Clondalkin, Co. Dublin. A lovely small, bright church, perfect ! Sarah Jane did not want to be late so we made sure we had her on time, with the usual 15 minute leeway :) It was a lovely service, with beautiful music provided by Blush (http://www.blushweddingmusic.com). Due to the weather we stayed behind in the Church after the ceremony to do the Family Photos, quick and as painless as possible for this part is my mantra !!

    Off to Fitzpatricks Killney Castle with us then for the reception. Plans to stop off in Dalkey for pics on the pier were put on hold as the weather had completely turned on us, it was lashing out of the heavens !! We cut a fantastic sight heading up the M50 in three beautiful cars provided by http://www.weddingcarsonline.com, a fabulous Beaufort and two Daimlers for the rest of the wedding party.

    The Bridal party were greeted by smiles and brollies by the staff of Fitzpatricks Castle and were escorted into the reception room, which was filled with sweet treats and music. Fitzpatricks Castle provided lovely backdrops for our portrait sessions then for the rest of the evening.

    The Bride and Groom then looked set to party the night away to the sounds of Blush. I really enjoyed the day guys and thanks so much for choosing me as your photographer :) 

  • Another great value Bundle Offer !!!

    Following on from the great success of our Print and Canvas Bundle I am very delighted to announce a new addition to our Bundle Offers.

    After your portrait session or wedding shoot you can now avail of this great value offer !!

    This new bundle includes:

    Two individual 10*8 pro lab prints hand mounted and framed by a local framer.

    One 16*12 pro lab print, this can either be a collage print or a single print also hand mounted and framed.

    You can choose from a black, white or pine bevel frame.


    The total value of these products when bought seperately is €500, the bundle offer price saves you almost 50% !!!!!!!!!

    Bundle offer price €275 !!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a wonderful way to display the results of our session together in your home or to give to loved ones as gifts.

    Contact me for more details.




  • Newborn Photography – you never stop learning!

    Yesterday I had my most wonderful Newborn Photography experience to date! I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first ever Newborn Photography workshop to be conducted in Ireland.

    It was held in the fabulous setting of the Trim Castle Hotel, in a beautiful room overlooking the Castle through an even nicer large window for our all-important natural light source! The workshop was facilitated by two amazing ladies, Patrycja Baczkowska-Photography and Magda Christie Photography. I was so excited to be there and it didn’t disappoint! I have spent a long time doing online workshops and courses, reading blogs and researching newborn photographers in the US. Nothing though has come close to the actual hands on experience of yesterday. It has taken the skills I had already and moved them on to the next level.

    We had four wonderful newborns to work with. Here is a sample of my work with each of them.



    First off we had an amazing baby boy. He was the most perfect model ever and would lull you into a false sense of security that this newborn photography lark was a piece of cake. His Mummy was extremely proud of him, the first of many times I’d say! He slept perfectly in the toasty warm room. To keep our little bundles nice and warm during the session and to aid the sleepiness the room was kept at a balmy 25 degrees by the air conditioning and we also had a fan heater on hand to keep all the babies extra cosy.




    Secondly we had our first little pink bundle. This little doll was 15 days old, just a day over the recommended age, which is between 10 and 14 days. She was a star though and once she was asleep we got to spend ages with her. We got to witness our very own baby whisperer (Patrycja) at work.



    In the afternoon we were moving on from blanket work to prop work. First up we had another little pink bundle. Her hair was AMAZING; a newborn photographer’s dream. The art of prop work is another story altogether and like the rest of a newborn session the baby’s safety and comfort is the first priority. If the baby is not happy in a prop or a position we move on to another. Thankfully our little model was happy out and slept great for us!



    Lastly we had a very special little man. At only 8 days old he was a dream!! His Mummy watched on with tears in her eyes. He had had a tough start after his appearance into this world so she was delighted to be capturing and enjoying these special moments with him. He was a little peanut and we were sorry when Patrycja said that this was the last pose.



    Newborn Photography is amazing and it captures those special little features that are gone all too soon. It is an ever evolving form of photography that has to keep the safety of the baby first. Please if you are choosing a newborn photographer; make sure this is one of your initial questions.

    Linda x

  • The Importance of Newborn Safety !!

    The top priority is the safety and comfort of the baby. There are lots of ‘it’ poses out there at the moment that are achieved through composites so as not to compromise the safety of the baby. Do not let anyone attempt these poses in one shot! Examples would be any hanging shots and shots where the baby is leaning the weight of their head on their hands with their feet facing forward. I myself steer away from these poses and concentrate on more naturally occurring poses. It is sooooo important to me that my little precious subjects are kept safe. You can achieve wonderful results this way, concentrating instead on composition and shot angle instead of any ‘risky’ poses.

    To be on the extra safe side always keep a spotter, (usually the parent) close to the baby or even holding the baby. This will have a twofold benefit, it will ensure that the baby does not come to any harm should they move suddenly and it will give them the reassurance that Mam or Dad are close.

    Keep the room extra toasty warm to make sure that the little bundle is comfortable. This will even help in getting those sleepy shots that are soooo cute! Make sure also that the baby’s head is properly supported, be it by using rolled up towels, small bean bags or hands. Those little heads are so heavy compared to their bodies so be extra cautious to have the front of any posing prop raised to ensure they don’t topple forward.

    Do not force the baby into any pose, after all if they are not comfortable you are onto a loser straight away. A comfy baby makes a happy baby and a happy baby is what we are looking for :)

    Lastly but not least, listen to the baby and the babies queues. They will need regular feeding and cuddle breaks. If a baby is completely unhappy on the day the session can be rearranged. It makes more sense to do this rather than trying to muddle through with an unhappy bundle.

  • Beautiful Boys.....

    In recent timse its mostly been baby girls that I've been working with, but this weekend just past I had the pleasure to meet two beautiful boys :) A big brother and his 6 weeks new baby brother. Both were adorable and so well behaved, helped in no small part by Buzz Lightyear ;)

    During the session I got to use some new props and my new newborn posing bean bag from www.newbornbabyposing.com ! I have to say its fantastic, so easy to use and makes a huge difference. It does take alot of beans to fill it but worth it in the end :)

    Heres are a couple of shots of them as a taster of our session together !