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  • Introducing Lifestyle Studio Sessions

    It has been an age since I blogged !! So this definitely seemed like the right time to remedy that !!

    This beautiful session happened in my little studio and I couldn't be more delighted with it. Its a style of session that I have always loved doing and I think its time that I introduced it as a choice. 

    This session is, beautiful, natural, clean, light and airy. Its your new little family interacting with eachother in a relaxed comfy environment. It captures pure emotion and interactions and all those little details. There is no formal posing, its not needed for this session. Its as if this session were happening at home, without the hassle of cleaning up ;) We all know how full the house is after the arrival of a newborn so here is a session where you don't need to worry about any of that !

    See for your self how Daisy and her family got on !! I have had the pleasure of doing older brother Harry and older sister Scarlett's newborn session so I thought it would be nice to do something different this time for this lovely family.

    Scroll down to take a closer look at all the images.

    The other beauty of this session is that it is not a tied to age as a typical Newborn Session is. This session can happen at any stage really up to about 3 months ! So if you've missed the new Newborn time this is your chance to capture your sweet new babe :)

    If you think this session is for you contact me and I can schedule you in. 

    Pricing for this session is the same as my regular Newborn Sessions and that can be found here

  • Millhouse Memories - Sinéad & Erich ....

    Well the first wedding of the season over and what a cracker !!! Couldn’t have wished for better !! The only slight hitch was the VERY wet weather that started the day off, but my weather guru ensured me that it was clearing for the afternoon and sure enough it did !! I had really been looking forward to this one as not only were Sinéad and Erich a lovely relaxed couple but the venue they had chosen for their reception was on my ‘must shoot there’ list, The Millhouse in Slane, and my goodness it didn’t disappoint.

    When I arrived at Sinéads house the prep was well under way. The atmosphere was very calm and really organised :) The lovely ladies from Inga Cuzin Hair & Make-Up had everything running bang on schedule and all the girlies looking fab, especially my GORGEOUS Bride.

    One of the first things on my to do list is to capture the dress and all its details before the Bride gets a chance to pop it all on :) Sinéad had chosen a beautiful lace gown, with alterations by her Aunt which was perfectly beautiful !! Simple accessories to finish off an outfit that suited her to perfection.

    The only stage at all that I seen a little worry on Sinéads face was as we were leaving for the church and it was pouring with rain ! That worried look was short lived once we got underway. Erich looked splendid in his tails and was waiting patiently at the top of the aisle for us. Father John performed a wonderful ceremony. It was the first time I had witnessed a water ceremony and it was just gorgeous, such meaning, really special. It involved the Bride and Groom both pouring water from separate jars into a main bowl. That water was then blessed by the couple and by Father John. It was used to bless the rings and all the congregation as they were leaving the church. It is then keep and used for any future christening ceremonies the couple may have. Just gorgeous !

    After getting stuck in a bit of nasty traffic we finally arrived in The Millhouse !! Its even more fabulous than I imagined !! As some of my past couples might remember I squeal when I’m really excited by a venue, there was lots of squealing yesterday lol !! And miracle of miracles, as predicted by my weather guru the sun peaked its way out and shown warmly for the rest of the afternoon and evening. as Del-Boy would say - ‘perfick’ !

    Seriously though anyone considering The Millhouse as their venue, I can only say, go for it. Not only is it a spectacular location the staff were fantastic yesterday. Looked after every need anyone had, like a home from home. Honourable mention goes to Wedding Coordinator extraordinaire Aidan !! Fab job !!

    After a sumptuous meal everyone danced the night away to the sounds of ‘After Dark’. It was my first time hearing them and they certainly had the dance floor rocking from the very first song ! I really wanted to stay and boogie, they were that good, but it had been a long day and to be honest I was pooped !!

    All in all a fantastic day and what a way to start my 2015 Wedding Season, there will be a lot to live up to this year !! 

    Linda x

  • The Wedding of Sarah Jane & Brian 2nd of August 2014.....

    So I decided this morning that rather than doing one of my traditional sneak peeks for Sarah Jane and Brian that I would do a blog post as I cannot decide which ones to put up as their sneak peeks !!!

    The morning of the wedding arrived with the sound of rain beating against my bedroom window, not an ideal start, but thats life in Ireland for you in August lol !!

    I headed over to Sarah Janes to capture some of the Bridal Prep and was greeted with a beaming smile from the lovely Bride through her front window. Thoughts of the weather went out of my head then, it was shaping up to be a fab day whatever the weather :) And what a scene of ogranisation and calmness. The girlies were all ready, and enjoying their morning. 

    After that I did something I don't usually do, I left the Bride !! Eeeeeeeekkk !! Off to the Grooms house for a few quick portraits, at the couples request. It worked out well as it as such a short distance away and lovely to see both parties enjoying their last morning of 'singleness' :)

    Back to the Brides house then to start one of the main events of the day, putting on the dress. I love this bit, its a really special moment and I love being there to see how good they feel once its on and all is right. Yesterday was no exception, the dress was fabulous on and suited Sarah Jane to perfection !!

    It was time to head to the Church, Sruleen Parish Church in Clondalkin, Co. Dublin. A lovely small, bright church, perfect ! Sarah Jane did not want to be late so we made sure we had her on time, with the usual 15 minute leeway :) It was a lovely service, with beautiful music provided by Blush ( Due to the weather we stayed behind in the Church after the ceremony to do the Family Photos, quick and as painless as possible for this part is my mantra !!

    Off to Fitzpatricks Killney Castle with us then for the reception. Plans to stop off in Dalkey for pics on the pier were put on hold as the weather had completely turned on us, it was lashing out of the heavens !! We cut a fantastic sight heading up the M50 in three beautiful cars provided by, a fabulous Beaufort and two Daimlers for the rest of the wedding party.

    The Bridal party were greeted by smiles and brollies by the staff of Fitzpatricks Castle and were escorted into the reception room, which was filled with sweet treats and music. Fitzpatricks Castle provided lovely backdrops for our portrait sessions then for the rest of the evening.

    The Bride and Groom then looked set to party the night away to the sounds of Blush. I really enjoyed the day guys and thanks so much for choosing me as your photographer :)