• Celbridge celebrations !! ...... Claire & Patrick.....

    If I had to sum up yesterdays wedding in two words they would be 'Family Celebration'. Thats all that mattered and thats all that it came back to from one end of the day to the other !! From Claire and Patrick and their gorgeous little man making it 'official', to their sisters, brothers, Mams and Dad, it was a privilege to be part of their day.

    On arrival to Claires sisters I was greeted with the sound of excited laughter and chatter from the kitchen. It was the hub of the morning operation ! Make-Up artist and Hair dresser working side by side,  putting the finishing touches to the fab Bridal Party. Poor Dad was a little outnumbered by all the ladies, but he took that all in his stride :)

    It was at this time I started to notice the amount of attention to detail that had gone into the planning of this wedding !! Unbelieveable all the little personal touches that carried on throughout the day. Here is just a taster of a few.

    So after what we will just say was a STRESSFUL journey to St. Agnes Church in Crumlin, the deed was done and Claire and Patrick were now man and wife. Little Evan decided that this meant his Mammy was now his wife too and was wondering where his wedding ring was, far far too cute !!!

    The sun was then shining brightly so we had a chance to do some formal and not so formal shots in the beautiful gardens of Leixlip Manor. I LOVE these gardens, endless opportunitys for fab shots.

    As the saying goes, alls well that ends well and as I left, this family of 3 looked pretty happy to me !!