• The Wedding of Laura & Ciaran, a wonderful manoeuvre ……….

    You want your wedding day to be all you’ve dreamt of and hopefully more !! Well todays wedding was that for me !! I don’t know who was more excited, myself or the Bride, the gorgeous Laura :) When I peeked out my window this morning to see lovely deep blue skies, I crossed everything that the down pour that they were talking about in the weather forecast last night would hold off till 5 o’clock. After that the weather can do what it wants, everyone will be tucked up inside.

    And speaking of peeking out my window, I can actually see todays venue out my kitchen window, I’ve looked out over it all my life, Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel, the home of the Irish Air Corps. I was so delighted to be asked to cover todays weddings, at the very least it would give me a chance to see around inside the air base, something I haven’t done since I was a little girl.

    The Brides Mum had been my chief liaison up until today so I was dying to meet her and Laura and the SIX yes six bridesmaids. I knew that the morning prep was going to be lots of fun with all those ladies involved, and it didn’t disappoint. The ladies were all finished hair and make up when I arrived apart from the cool, calm and collected Laura. Her lovely little girl kept us all entertained with her renditions of the songs from Disneys ‘Frozen’, she definitely stole the show. After some family and Bridal Party portraits it was time to hit the road. After a minor ahem, hiccup with the Bridal Car, the poor divil had to hop into my VW Golf (thank God it was clean !!!), and a rather fast pace we headed for the church so as not to be too late and keep the patient Groom, Ciaran waiting. It was definitely a first for me, being both photographer and chauffeur. Thankfully the Bride remained the picture of calm throughout the whole episode and I got her to the Church, even if a little late, and the fact that it had started to lash out of the heavens, but we were there !!

    The ceremony, preformed by the Air Corps own Father Robert was to say the least emotional. It was so lovely, I even shed a tear myself. Such a lovely, warm ceremony, full of personal touches and meanings. None least the location of the air base church full of all its history and military context.

    Thankfully the rain had stopped by the time the service was over so that the Bride and Groom could greet their guests as they exited the Church. It also held off for us to do the family portrait session and the Bridal Party portrait session outside the mess hall. The rumbling thunder added some timely reminder that it was time to go inside and mingle for a bit !!

    After that came my favourite part of the whole day, an escorted trip to the hanger by the Grooms Best Man and Brother (an Air Corp Pilot, score !!) where the Bombardier Learjet 45 and Casa CN 235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft are housed. It made for an amazingly unusual Bridal Portrait Session location. I have to say I did squeal with delight a few times :) Back to the Officers Mess then where the guest were seated and ready for the entrance of the new Mr & Mrs Curran. They were met by rapturous applause, whopping and foot stamping when they were introduced to the room :) The following safety announcement, airline style went down a treat and was performed brilliantly by the Best Man and Groomsman.

    All in all an amazing day, my first military wedding and hopefully not my last, I enjoyed every minute. I’m going to have a look out my kitchen window now because the way that party was shaping up I’m sure I will be able to see them all dancing from here :)