• Starting your own Photography Business 101…….Lesson 1…..

    It’s finally happened, I’ve finally cracked it!!! I’m so excited; I never thought I’d be so excited by a sentence!! I’ll explain myself…..

    Back when Linda Clarke Photography was just a twinkle of an idea in the back of my head and I was working it through, bouncing it off a few people (yes you Gregg if you’re reading), there was one thing I couldn’t figure.

    All the research I was doing on starting your own photography business and I did A LOT of research, one of the first things it said was ‘Define you style’. That was nearly step 1 of them all!! ‘Your style’ is what sets you apart, that is your unique selling point. Well I’m afraid I skipped step 1 because I could never figure it out. I could never put words on what ‘my style’ was. I could never quiet come up with a definition that I was happy with, one that summed up all my photography, be it babies, families, weddings, events.

    But today people, today I was struck by a bolt of lightning!! During ten minutes peace, a rarity with two children under four, all be it in the shower, it hit me. ‘My style’…….. I can tell you the relief is something else; it has driven me around the twist since the very beginning. I am a very organised and methodical person so skipping step 1 has always driven me nuts.

    Drum roll please ………………………. The definition of my style is ………………………………………..

    ‘Clean, natural and not fussy with a little something special on the side’.

    All my images as I look through them in my mind come back to this. This is the essence of what I try to do in every photograph. The subject is the subject after all, have that as it should be, as it is naturally, no frills or thrills, just natural. Then add in a little something something, whether it is the location, the pose, the angle, the accessory or the lack of accessory and there you have it, my image. An image I am proud of and one that I hope my clients love and believe that it has done the situation justice.

    Here are a few that I think scream this!!!




    The relief!!!!