Shoot advice


What should we wear?


This is a question that I get asked a lot and the answer is it depends on what you want the end result of the session to be like. However here is my advice on what turns out the best.

Simple is the best. Avoid strong patterns on older children and adults.  Avoid logos altogether, they are very distracting.

Long sleeves look best on adults and older children, whites or pastel colours working the best. Accompany these with jeans or dark coloured trousers.

If we are doing a family group everybody does not need to be in the exact same colour but complimenting colours or different shades of the same colour look the best.

Keep any accessories simple so that they do not distract the eye.

For a baby shoot you can break the no pattern rule and patterns and bold colours can make for a great result.

For older children, if they have a favourite toy or dressing up outfit we can do some shots with them as well. This also has the added bonus of relaxing them into the shoot .


How can we insure the children will pose properly?


Well to be honest we can’t, all we can do is to make the experience as fun and as relaxed as we can. If you think your child will be nervous in a shoot setting we can by all means do an environmental shoot in their favourite park or place to visit. You can get some amazing shots out of this situation as everyone is comfortable. We will arrange the shoot for the child’s best time of the day. Have snacks on hand for distraction or if they need a break.


How long will the shoot take?


It takes about 20 minutes to set up the shoot. To be honest with children and babies the first 15 minutes of the shoot is the time where we will most likely get the best shots. Shoots won’t last more than an hour and a half altogether, apart from baby shoots.