What should we wear?



How can we insure the children will pose properly?


Well to be honest we can’t, all we can do is to make the experience as fun and as relaxed as we can. If you think your child will be nervous in a shoot setting we can by all means do an environmental shoot in their favourite park or place to visit. You can get some amazing shots out of this situation as everyone is comfortable. We will arrange the shoot for the child’s best time of the day. Have snacks on hand for distraction or if they need a break. Talk to them about the shoot a few days before it so they know what they are coming to the studio for. My studio is set up like a living room so it is a comfy environment for them to be in and not daunting. Bring their favourite toy or book if you think it will help. Natural smile and interaction is what we are after so I will try get your child chatting and laughing rather than us asking them to smile or say cheese as that more often than not results in fake smiles ;)


How long will my portrait shoot take?


Shoots won’t last more than an hour and a half altogether, apart from newborn shoots which take approximately two hours. With Toddlers you have about 20 minutes patience from them which I break up into smaller chunks throughout an hours session.