Bump & Bebé Shoot

You never look so wonderful as when you have your bump. You might not feel that way (believe me I know !), but you do....

Now you can capture the before and after ! When both sessions are booked together you get €50 off.

Bump shoots are great fun done on location, somewhere that means something to you is even better.

We can incorporate items/clothing into the bump shoot which we can add into the Bebé shoot after so you have a true before and after :)

I'm so looking forward to meeting you and your bump !!!

Bump Shoot Advice

A Bump shoot normally takes place between the 33 & 36 weeks stage. It normally takes about an hour to complete. It can take place in my studio on at a location of your choice. If you require a location shoot we can discuss this at the booking stage. Sometimes its nice to incorporate somewhere that means something to you as a couple into the shoot, somewhere you guys like to go for walks, wedding venue, something like that.

On the day of the shoot wear loose fitting comfy clothes so as to avoid any marks on your bump or legs from tight clothing. Please bring three or four outfits with you for your shoot. We will more than likely not use them all but its good to have the choice on the day. I also have a few specialist maternity portrait gowns as well. Included in your outfits should be - 

  • An outfit that clings to your bump to emphasise it.
  • Jeans or black leggings and a plain vest top.
  • A dress that flows around your bump.
  • Stick to solid colours for the most part, no crazy patterns although a stripey top or a spotty top is also good.
  • Stay away from anything with large writing or logos on it.
  • A strapless bra / boob tube top is also helpful to have.
  • A hair clip if you have long hair for some of the shots that you will be looking down in.

Most of all though, stay true to your own style as that will make the most successful session for you. If Dad is to participate in the session make sure he stays away from strong patterns or logos/writing as well.

You can also bring something that you may want incorporated as a before and after montage of shots. Like shoes for the new baby, teddy, blanket, scan pic etc.

For full details of these packages please see my Newborn Brochure for 2016/2017 by clicking here .....

Please contact me to secure your slot.